"Fred really knows his stuff. He seems to consistently out fish other guides and provides a very personable, safe and exciting experience. I book Triple T charters every year and have not been disappointed - my freezer is full...."

- Greg Tamblyn, Smithers, BC


A day of fishing with Triple T charters will be a memorable one. With our wide variety of rods and reels, all you need to do is show up at the dock with your lunch and we’ll roll out the red carpet for a day of fun and excitement on the water.


While there are no guarantees in fishing, we will do everything possible to make sure you don’t go home empty handed. Fish limits for areas 3 & 4 other than Salmon.


Chinook Salmon (King)


Chinooks are the largest of the five species of Pacific Salmon. Chinooks lure anglers from all over the world as they can average 25 to 40 pounds and easily top out at upwards of 100 pounds of fighting, tail-walking fun! Even the most experienced fisherman will have a battle to remember if you hook into one of these “Big Boys.” They can be found from late April through early August but they are also caught year-round in the harbour just minutes from shore.


Coho Salmon (Silver)


Coho begin to materialize in late June and start increasing in size and abundance well into September. Their hard-hitting aggressive behavior, acrobatic displays and non-stop action make this fish an excellent adventure for all, regardless of your fishing experience. Pound for pound (averaging 10 - 18 pounds) these fish will give you the fun and excitement that will paint a mile-wide grin on your face!


Late season (September) Northern Coho can reach weights up to 25 pounds. Chum, Sockeye and Pink Salmon can also be found cruising through north coast waters in the summertime. Salmon limits for local areas( 3&4)




Halibut is the largest of the game fish you will encounter on the north coast. This tasty white fish averages 25-50 pounds but many people have landed halibut in excess of 100 pounds. They are available year round with the exception of January but increase in numbers from May through September. Depending on location, halibut can be caught by trolling in waters as shallow as 10 feet or by bottom fishing in over 300 feet of water. Ling Cod, Red Snapper (Yellow Eye) and rockfish are also available through out the summer and are frequently caught while jigging for halibut.




Crabs are available throughout the year; be sure to let the Captain know before you set off to drop a few traps. This will ensure some fine finger food at the end of the day. The experience of eating freshly cooked crabs will be a great cap to a memorable day on the water with Triple T Charters.(Packaging Your Catch)


"Every time we've fished with Fred Hutchings of Triple T Charters we've been able to get fish. Some of my best and most memorable fishing experiences have been on Fred's boat. Fred is a lot of fun, his knowledge of the area is fantastic and he knows where to find fish. Whether we were after halibut or salmon he's always come through for us. I would recommend Triple T Charters to anyone and I'm looking forward to our next trip with Fast Freddie!"

- Matthew Jessop, Victoria, B.C. Canada