Payday Loan – Additional Cash

Payday Loan – Additional Cash

People looking for a quick injection of additional cash can use payday loan services. This brand, which unlike other companies offering short-term non-bank liabilities, assigns its customers a credit limit on the account.

payday loan – offer

payday loan - offer

The payday loan Group started its operations already in 2007 on the Scandinavian market – in Sweden and Finland. It launched its first branch in Poland at the end of November 2013. Its offer significantly distinguishes itself on the Polish non-banking market, because payday loan offers its clients three financial products – a credit limit, fast loans for consumer purposes and an express loan. Each of them allows you to help your home budget for an amount ranging from PLN 300 to PLN 40,000.

payday loan – formalities

Payday loan

The payday loan offer is addressed to people who are at least 18 years old and have no negative credit history. To apply for an obligation, it is necessary to register on the payday loan website. You should choose a specific product and fill out a simple application. After the credit decision regarding the revolving limit has been issued, the client may pay 50 percent. amount granted to him. Then a letter with the activation code is sent to his / her home address. Unlocking the remaining part of the limit is confirmed by sending it via SMS to the indicated number.

In practice, the payday loan offer can be compared to a credit card with the difference that here there is no interest-free period. Additionally, according to your needs, you can set or change the repayment date as well as its amount. Even in the case of a quick loan, the client is not obliged to stick to the given amount – if necessary, it can increase its value. However, by choosing an express loan, the consumer may skip some data at the time of filling out the application in order to be able to use the money he needs more quickly. When he completes the form at a later date, he will also be able to increase the limit on the account. However, it should be remembered that the final amount of the liability granted depends on the client’s creditworthiness. It may be that the client will try for 1800 zlotys, but after verification in BIK and BIG it will turn out that he can get a maximum of 1000 zlotys.

payday loan can not do without additional charges. The customer will have to pay for the withdrawal of funds (from PLN 10 to PLN 20), as well as a commission on the payment of funds. It is calculated on the amount paid and can range from 12 to 27 percent. The consumer must also be charged with an additional fee if he wants to change the limit. It is free to reduce it, while the increase is associated with a fee of 1 to 4 percent. amount of increase. Additional fees also include a change in the minimum amount and a change in the repayment date. The cost of maintaining the account itself is from PLN 40 to 60, while the annual cost of maintaining the limit is PLN 20.

payday loan – reviews

payday loan - reviews

Polish consumers highly value the offer of the payday loan. It enables them to have convenient access to additional resources whenever they need it. This solution is unique on the domestic non-banking market, which can be a great alternative not only for cash loans, but also for credit cards. In addition, Mash Poland, the owner of the payday loan brand, has been a member of the Confederation of Financial Enterprises for many years. This means that it actively cares for shaping the image of the financial sector as a segment operating in accordance with the law and applying the highest ethical standards.

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