The Best Loan Option Is Payroll



 Currently the best loan option is payroll, but in which bank? The method of consignment in addition to all the advantages also has the discount of the installments done directly in the salary, benefit or counter-check of the contractor. The payroll also has the best offers of interest rates in the market for individuals.


Year-end bills

Year-end bills


Year-end bills are already coming in, and if your only alternative is to pay your year-end bills, such as the IPTU (IPTU), buy school supplies from your children whether it is the contracting of a loan, opting for payroll-deductible loans.

This line of credit is available to retirees and pensioners of the INSS, a state, municipal and federal public employee, now private network workers who have agreements with banks or financial institutions, can request without problems.

Today in Brazil we have several lines and modalities of loans offered by the main institutions, financial and retail banks, and without a doubt, payroll is the best option or the one that least charges the contractor at the end of the plan. The operations of payroll are held in new loans, refinancing and purchases of debts from other banks, the customer only runs out of money if the loans are recent.

The best interest rates are offered by the public banks (Caixa Econômica Federal and Bando do Brasil), however, those who have internal problems with them may well make their loans payable to BMG Bank, Bank Daycoval and many others that it proposes to offer the modality with differentiated conditions.

The Caixa Economica Federal payroll loan and the Banco do Brasil loan have lower interest rates: ranging from 1.51% per month to 1.87 per month. In a simulation made on the citizen’s calculator page, a simulator of the Central Bank’s website, a payroll in the Caixa in 60 installments in the amount of R $ 3 thousand would have a parcel around R $ 80.15. At the BMG bank it would be R $ 84.23.

The citizen who does not have payroll loan option, the best alternative is to get a credit line that has the most reasonable cost in your bank, talk to your manager.

The authorized commitment of the consignee is up to 30% of the rent, so as not to exceed this limit. Also note if your credit or bank promoter is not charging you more than 2.14% per month of interest on your loan. Some payroll lines for public servants at the rate may exceed 2.14%.