This could also be called “being watched by the whales", as sometimes these heafty beasts like to come right to the boat, especially while fishing. The most common whales to see are the Orcas, with the large dorsal fin of the male sitting high above the water and leading the pod in search of food. The majestic Humpbacks are breath taking when they breech the water… sometimes sending out a splash that will leave you sitting in amazement!

The graceful Grey whales seem to glide effortlessly through the waters of the Pacific Northwest as they migrate up and down the coast. The playful antics of the black porpoise will also provide a good source of entertainment for kids of all ages.

Bald eagles can been seen gliding above or waiting in the trees for a fishy treat and the inquisitive nature of the harbour seals and sea lions are all part of a normal days outing on the local waters.

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